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Oahu's full service commercial collection program

Commercial collection program in Oahu
Our program is specifically tailored to maximize our success rate in recovering your debts. When special needs arise, we are here to support your debt collection and litigation services. Our process includes collection letters and notices, telephone contact, and field calls, if necessary. 

Our services

We provide our debt collection and litigation services to the Oahu area. We take the time to listen and understand your debt collection requirements and work to tailor the process to meet your business goals. 
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Collection notices

Our experience and understanding of how business dynamics work put us at an advantage and set us apart from typical collection agencies. We understand the myriad of issues a business owner may experience when faced with unpaid bills and work to find the best resolution using professional communication, collection letters and notices, telephone contact, and field calls.

Field calls

There may come a time when it is crucial to make a field call. Field calls are proven to be advantageous in the process and are provided to clients when it is necessary to physically attend an address. Our specialized experts have local knowledge and are trained on how to handle this part of the process.
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